What’s in My Travel Toiletries Bag?

What's in My Travel Toiletries Bag?

Welcome back to my blog! I am doing a series of blogs of “What’s in My Travel Bags?” You can read what I carry in my electronics bag here.

I found this Baggalini toiletries bag on Amazon.  I was looking for a bag with clear pockets so that I could see exactly what I was looking for! Yes, it too is green. But it comes in a variety of colors.

What's in My Travel Toiletries Bag?

In the top pocket: travel razor, shower cap, ziplock with just in case items (hair clip, Bobby pins, eyeglass repair kit, balance band for motion sickness–for cruises, roller coasters or traveling in the mountains–IT REALLY WORKS!, hair tie, safety pin, nail clippers, tweezers–always pack in checked luggage; I found this out the hard way!, a multi-purpose clip–this is used to clip those curtains together that refuse to cooperate and allow that annoying light in while you are trying to sleep!,earring backs), lint roller, Scrunci to put my hair up when I sleep, hower gel.

What's in My Travel Toiletries Bag?

In the middle right pocket: makeup remover wipes and body lotion.

What's in My Travel Toiletries Bag?

In the middle right pocket: sewing kit, wet brush, nail polish remover pads, cotton balls and q-tips.

What's in My Travel Toiletries Bag?

In the bottom pocket: floss picks, deodorant, My Girl (I am still keeping my breast cancer and diep flap incisions moisturized), soap, face exfoliator, toothpaste and toothbrush.

This bag is packed in my suitcase and checked in at the gate.

This trip we flew, so of course that changes how I carry products.

What's in My Travel Toiletries Bag?

I had a separate, clear, quart-sized Ziplock to carry liquids. I carry this in a backpack or carry-on luggage.

What's in My Travel Toiletries Bag?

Three of these products are aerosols. They could not be in a checked bag because the air in the baggage is not decompressed, so it drains the liquids right out of the cans!

The Ziplock carries: Lysol, hairspray, dry shampoo, shampoo and conditioner.

That’s what’s in my travel toiletries bag. I love shopping for these tiny products–usually at Target!

Come back to visit. I will show you what is in my travel makeup bag 🙂

What’s in your travel toiletries bag? Leave a comment!

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