Second Breast Sonogram and Biopsy

Breast Cancer

April 9, 2015 I returned to the hospital for a Sonogram and biopsy of my right breast. I had taken a Xanax to cope. I couldn’t believe I was going through this procedure again, only on the other breast. My cancer had been diagnosed in the left breast, but because of an MRI I was scheduled to be seen for the right breast.  You can read about that here and you can read about those results here.

Second Biopsy and Sonogram

I was checked into the hospital. I was called back where I changed from my top into a gown. I met, Charlie, the tech who did a diagnostic mammogram of my right breast.  She sat and talked with me. She looked me in the eye and listened and shared. She asked me if I was religious. I said that I am. She gave me a prayer blanket the San Juan del Rio Prayer Blanket Ministry had made.  There was a rosary and a prayer card in a pocket. I was humbled and brought to tears.

When Charlie returned from talking to the radiologist, I was moved to the sonogram room. I laid on the bed while she did her readings and measurements. The paddle was warm!  It felt comfortable. She left me to have the radiologist look at those results. I actually fell asleep!  When they returned the doctor did his own test. I was asked to get dressed. I was a little confused, so I texted my husband. He asked to come back. He was brought into the consultation.

The radiologist informed us that there was not a conclusive area to biopsy.  He called my surgeon, Dr. Hill.  We all agreed that the bilateral mastectomy was still the best decision. The radiologist will map the nodes and the sentinel node will be tested. The tumor will also be tested. All this is done for treatment options. According to the radiologist, he feels the right side is not cancer. I asked him the percentage of having cancer in both breasts at the same time.  He said it would be rare.

You can read about my diagnosis here.  In this post I met my surgeon. And in this post I met my radiation oncologist.

It is my hope to help anyone that has questions concerning breast cancer. Please, please feel free to email or to comment with with concerns or questions.


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