Review of Wow Airlines

Review of Wow Airlines

Wow Airlines on Runway in Boston, MA

Juan, some friends and I recently traveled to Iceland out of Boston on Wow Airlines.  This was a new airline to me!  The airline was founded in 2011.  It is headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland.  It’s operating base is Keflavik International Airport in Reykjavik.  At this time it only has 12 planes in its fleet!  Wow Airlines flies to 29 destinations in Europe, the US and Canada.  Link to their website here.

We were able to book a round trip to Reykjavik, Iceland out of Boston, MA for $179 per person.  We flew late January and early February 2017. You pay $10 per seat extra.  A medium-sized (27 in x 18 in x 11 in) with a weight limit of 44 pounds cost us $51.  Please visit Wow website here to read about the fees and charges.  We had to read and reread to comply.

I have a whole blog post: What This Florida Girl Packed for Iceland in the Winter specifically on what we packed to meet the weight guidelines.

I was surprised to find that the planes are painted a bright fushia!  The flight attendants wear pretty, fushia uniforms (including hats!) that rival those of Pan AM.  The crew was very professional and courteous.  I had the seat next to a flight attendant.  I was able to chat during take-off.  She gave me some valuable information on the people of Reykjavik.  She used to work at the Blue Lagoon.  I got some insider tips!

Checking in at the airport in Boston was easy.  Not many people were flying to Reykjavik.  Only a few people in security, so we breezed through! The airline was only a third full.

Wow Airlines Whole Row of Seats

That meant each of the four of us had a whole row of seats for the 5 hour and 10 minute flight!!!  We were on a 6 PM flight.  There is a 5 hour time difference

Wow Airlines Interior Facing Back

The interior of the planes are clean.  Of course legroom is an upgrade in price, but we were able to spread out.

Wow Airlines Interior Front

The seats have the paper protectors.  There are charging stations for electronics.  I was able to use my plug without the converter.  It is not a USB plug.

Wow Call Station

I was so amused at their slogans for services.  Here are the call buttons for the flight attendants.  “Honk if you’re hungry!”

Wow Airlines Call Buttons

Another said, “Ring my bell!”

Wow Airlines Barf Bag

The barf bag was my favorite!  It has a Vomit-meter that include: “Icelandic pronunciation”, “Our competitor’s prices” and “the pilot’s jokes” are just a few.

Wow Airline Cup

The plastic cups say, ” Sip it…sip it good.”  So much fun!

Wow Airlines Duty Free Shopping

The duty-free shopping catalog wants to Wow Me!

We arrived in Reykjavik at 4 AM–35 minutes ahead of schedule.  At that time of the morning we were able to go through customs and claim our luggage quickly.

Wow Airlines Check-in Reykjavik

The return check-in process in Reykjavik was very smooth.  We were able to print our own luggage tag from a kiosk.

Self Check Wow Airlines

Next, you place your luggage on the conveyor belt that weighs it and sends it to be loaded on the plane.  Here is Juan saying goodby to our luggage!

Wow Airlines Flight to Boston

Because of an international flight, we were early for our flight.  We were hoping to upgrade to seats with more room.  As it turned out, the flight was not full!  We loaded in a bus and were driven to the plane.  We loaded from the tarmac.

Emergency Row Wow Airlines

Here we are (toasty warm wool socks!) in the emergency row–Seats 24 D and E!  Lots of legroom!  We could have changed seats, but chose to stay put.

This was a day flight.  We left Reykjavik at 340 PM and arrived in Boston at 435 PM.  We loaded movies on our iPad–free entertainment.  Juan’s drinks were $7 each.  We ate before our flight, but brought snacks so as not to have to buy any on the plane.  I was hoping for coffee before we landed, but it was a quick-service of soft drinks or water.

Overall, we LOVED out experience with Wow Airlines!!!

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