Post-Op Visit After DIEP Flap Reconstruction Surgery

Post-op Visit DIEP Flap Reconstruction

August 10, 2015 ( 10 Days Post-Op)

I have never been so glad to go to a doctor’s appointment!  Today is my post-op appointment with Dr. Fallucco, the plastic surgeon who did my DIEP Flap Reconstruction Surgery.  You can read about it here.  I am getting my six (6) — count them–six JP Drains out!!!  Of course, with it came anxiety.  So, I took my Xanax.  It was a huge effort just to get dressed.

My appointment was at 1p.  We checked in.  I was called back and changed into that, now familiar, pink paper top.  This time I had a pink paper drape too.

Pink Paper Top

Pink Paper Top–This was on a better day. Juan came with me every visit!

Dr. Fallucco and an assistant came in, removed the compression bra and waist binder. I was examined and all looked good.  I had my list of questions that I had prepared ahead of time.  Good thing because while Juan asked the questions, the assistant worked on me.  The stitches were snipped around the drains in my reconstructed breasts.  Lots of tape was removed.  The drains were stripped and drained.  I was asked to count to three and exhale.  On the exhale the tubing was removed.  Holy moly!!! It was horribly painful!!!  It brought tears to my eyes.  Juan jumped up and ran to my side.  He held my hand and stroked my forehead.

That was the right side.  Now to the left side.  Cut the stitches.  Remove the tape.  Count to three. Pull.  Oh my gosh!!  Pain.  More tears.  Juan stroking my forehead while I squeezed his hand blue.  At this point, Dr. Fallucco said he would see me in a week.  We still had two more drains in my pubic area.  Same process.  These weren’t as bad.  JP Drains gone.  No more fanny pack.

I brought my own compression bra to wear home.  I still have to wear the waist binder.  I was given a care sheet for the drain areas.

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