Physical Therapy After a Double Mastectomy

Physcial Therapy After a Double Mastectomy

May 11, 2015  (21 Days Post-Op)

Part of my recovery from a double mastectomy was going to physical therapy. I met my therapist, Tina, who had me fill out paperwork.  There were lots of questions. on difficulty in various activities, medications, family history of illnesses and my medical history.  Tina began by getting to know me a little bit–she would know me well by the end!

She tested the strength in each arm.  Measurements were taken of my range of motion.  I was given a pole about 3 feet long.  We went through a series of exercises.  Some were easier than others.  I felt like an old lady.  What used to come very easily to me was now a challenge.  We worked about 20 minutes–trust me, that was enough!  Tina printed out the exercises for me to work on at home on the days I did not have therapy.

To begin with I had two appointments a week for four weeks.  Plus my at-home therapy.


May 14, 2015 (24 Days Post-Op)

I am now allowed to swim!  That means my incisions are healed.  I have been massaging them with coconut oil in the shower.

Therapy is causing me a lot of pain.  Another exercise was added today.  Plus, Tina massaged from under my expanders around to my sides.  It brought such relief!

May 16, 2015  (26 Days Post-Op)

My muscles between the expanders are spasming.


May 21, 2015  (31 Days Post-Op)

Tina massaged under my arm and I finally felt some of the tightness release!


June 2, 2015

Tina had me do some of my yoga poses to see if I can safely do them at home.  I was given the go-ahead.  She said it will help with flexibility and range of motion in my arms.

I am still taking lots of naps.  This work is wearing me out!!

I am starting to get feeling back under my arms.  I have been using spray deoderant just because the stick feels weird.


June 5, 2015

I have been going to my saline fills in my tissue expanders (see explanation here) as well as doing physical therapy.  It is becoming more and more uncomfortable and painful.


June 9, 2015

I am just doing massage therapy at this point until my next surgery.  It brings such relief.


Follow me as I continue this breast cancer journey by having DIEP Flap reconstruction surgery!

As always….I am here for you!  You can comment below or send me an email with questions, concerns, fears, successes



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