My Breast MRI


March 24, 2015 our alarm went off at 5:45 for the second day in a row. We had to be at the hospital for my breast MRI (magnetic resonance image). I was the first patient to go back. I brought a pouch to put my jewelry in. I wore stretch pants without zippers or any kind of metal. I was able to wear them. I brought socks to wear.

Jack, my nurse put an IV in my arm. This was to administer dye. I was positioned on the MRI table face down.  My breasts were in two open spaces on the table.  I was covered with warm blankets. I got to wear a lovely green hair net. Towels and supports were placed under my arms and legs. I wasn’t too uncomfortable. The dye was attached to my IV. I was given earplugs and headphones. An MRI is VERY loud. I had to hold still. The first part lasted about 8-10 minutes.

In the next 12 minutes the dye was released. It was a cold sensation in my hand (where the IV was) and in my arm.  The dye is to make questionable areas more visible. The machine was very loud, even with headphones on. Unfortunately, I could not hear the technician. She was telling me what happened, as it happened.

I felt a tingling sensation in my legs; like a pulling on the nerves. I felt a pulling in my lower back. I even jumped one time!

My procedure was finished at 8:36 AM. It took about an hour all together.

Ruby, my nurse navigator visited with my husband in the waiting room. She called to check on me later that day. She communicated with my surgeon, Dr. Hill, about the genetic test results. She said it would be another two weeks. Ruby made sure everything was scheduled and was moving along as it should.

You can read about my breast cancer diagnosis in this post.  I meet my surgeon and my radiation oncologist in these posts.

Please feel free to comment or email me with questions.  Thanks for following my story!


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