Meeting Mary Badham “Scout” from To Kill A Mockingbird

My husband, Juan, and I were out for a leisurely Saturday morning in an artsy part of our city called San Marco. We had brunch at La Taverna–one of our favorite places! On our way out the door, I noticed a flyer for a book signing across the street.

Harper Lee Books

The display had Harper Lee’s books and photos displayed. I love To Kill a Mockingbird!—both the book and the movie. It turns out the the actor, Mary Badham, who played Scout in the movie was signing books.

Mary Badham "Scout" To Kill a Mockingbird

Of course I didn’t have my copy with me, so we bought Harper Lee’s last book Go Set A Watchman.  I have been wanting to read this one. This book was originally written in the mid-1950’s and was submitted to her publisher before To Kill A Mockingbird.  The manuscript was assumed to be lost, but was discovered in 2014.

This book features Scout, who returns home to Alabama 20 years later to visit her father, Atticus.  Scout struggles with personal and political issues involving her father, society and the small town in Alabama.

Mary Badham "Scout" To Kill a Mockingbird

Mary Badham as Jean Louise Finch “Scout.”

Mary Badham "Scout" To Kill a Mockingbird

We were the last to have our book signed.  Mary Badham was visiting with family that came to see her. She kept apologizing for the delay. We were happy to hear the interaction. She was invited to their big family Thanksgiving. She was gracious when we did talk. I asked her how she got the role of Scout. She said her mother took her to a casting call in Alabama….and the rest is history! She received 2 Oscar Nominations for her role.

Mary Badham "Scout" To Kill a Mockingbird

I love surprises–this was definitely a nice one!

Have you read Harper Lee’s books? Have you seen the movie? Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are.

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