Life After Breast Cancer

I have been through a breast cancer diagnosis, a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery.  Now what?  Life After Breast Cancer is continuing to heal and returning to physical therapy for mobility and incision massage, I will talk about awareness to anyone who will listen.  I created this blog to make others aware of my journey.

Life After Breast Cancer


Tina, my physical therapist, and myself

Tina, my physical therapist, and myself

I was able to tell my story in two publications.  The first was a local publication for Resident Community News here is Jacksonville.

Telling My Story in Resident Community News October 2015

Telling My Story in Resident Community News

The second publication was Mediscoop, a publication for St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Mediscoop Article with Dr. Fallucco and the Fluobeam

Telling My Story in Mediscoop

Dr. Fallucco and I also appeared on The Morning Show on our local news to bring awareness of this new technology.  You can watch that here.

I have joined a yoga/support group, which has helped mind, body and soul.  It helped–and continues to help, me process what I went through.  I was able to process deep feelings I didn’t even know I had.  The yoga is done in a chair.  It is gentle and nourishing for my often sore, stressed body.  It is combined with mediation to help bring mindfulness in the middle of chaos.

Brochure for Yoga

Brochure for Yoga

There are free yoga classes everywhere for cancer patients.  I recommend finding one that is right for you!

My oncologist did put me on Femara for hormone therapy.  I stayed on it for about 3 months.  We discussed the pros and cons of remaining on the medication.  My body could not tolerate the side effects.  There is a “calculator” that is used to plug in all the numbers from the results of biopsies and tissues tested from surgery.  It was with his blessing that I came off the medication.

I will continue to bring awareness to breast cancer.  Your diagnosis, treatment plan, and overall journey will be unique to you.  My intent is never to compare our journeys.  I have written this blog to give ideas, to be available for questions and support and to show that diagnosed early, breast cancer is a treatable disease.

Please reach out–if not to me, maybe to someone close to you that can support you in your journey.  However, I am here if you need to talk.  There is a life after breast cancer!

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