“Hearts of Spring” Movie Review Starring Lisa Whelchel

Clancy Cauble and Lisa Whelchel

Clancy Cauble and Lisa Whelchel

Hallmark released “Hearts of Spring” starring Lisa Whelchel and her real-life daughter, Clancy Cauble, playing her daughter April 9, 2016.  You can read my preview post here.

It is part of Hallmark Channel’s Spring Fling.

Lisa Whelchel plays a single mom (Carly) to (Sadie), Clancy Cauble.  Carly owns a flower shop, but her passion is writing her “Parenting From the Soul” blog, where she shares her experience of raising her only daughter.  Sadie is a senior in high school and registers for community college.  Carly’s blog posts become subject to an attacker from JugglingDad.

Michael Shanks plays a pediatrician (Dr. Andy Sommers) who is a single dad to Troy.   Andy is awkward and unsure.

Carly and Andy have a couple of chance meetings that turn into real dates.  Carly discovers that BestieDad is actually Andy!  JugglingDad is cynical and wants to set Bestie Mom straight.

Of course, things take a turn.

If you love Hallmark movies, you will not be disappointed.  It is definitely a chick flick!  My husband was not at all impressed.  He watched because he likes Lisa Whelchel too!  The aesthetics of the movie were very pleasing and felt just like Spring time.  There were blooming flowers and trees, pastels, eating chicken tacos from a food truck in the park, riding bikes in the park and an actual planting in the garden scene.  The movie captured the blogging theme in a modern way by adding the text to the screen where the viewer could read.  It is a feel-good movie presented in a simplistic way.  Even the complicated things seemed easy!

If you missed the first airing, it will be on again this Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 7 PM.

Did you catch the movie?  What were your thoughts?  I would love to here from you.


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