What This Florida Girl Packed for Iceland in Winter

What This Florida Girl Packed for Iceland in Winter

Packing List for Winter in Iceland

Here is a free printable:

Packing List for Winter in Iceland

Thinking about traveling to Iceland in the wintertime?!   Juan, some friends and I just returned from an awesome adventure Jan. 31st-Feb. 3rd.  You might be surprised to hear that it wasn’t as cold as we expected!!  It was colder in our other destinations–Boston and New York than it was in Iceland.  Don’t get me wrong, it was cold, but we were prepared for the weather.

What This Florida Girl Packed for Iceland in Winter

Airlines have made it affordable to travel to this beautiful country.  We flew Wow Airlines.  I had never heard of this airline.

Wow Airlines

Our flight was out of Boston.  It was $179 per person round trip!  You can read my Review of Wow Airlines.  What is important is that the airline is very strict on their luggage policy.  You pay $51 for one checked luggage—and it has to weigh 44 lbs. or less!


That is why I am writing this post.  I am here to tell you that you can do it too!

We did go to Ross and buy a new piece of luggage for this trip.  It is by a British company called IT.  We paid $69.99 for a 27x18x11 (in inches) suitcase.  And it is purple!  So easy to identify.  I would call this a medium-size piece.

It Luggage

It Luggage wtht Lock

I like to lock our luggage so we don’t have any mishaps along the way.  The lock is TSA approved, so if they need to open the suitcase they have a master key.

It Luggage Wheels

Another helpful piece of advice is to find luggage with eight wheels.  This suitcase never fell over.  Never had a problem rolling anywhere!  It was a dream!

Okay!  Now for what went inside this suitcase!

First Layer, PJs and Underwear

We will start with my packing list.  I chose colors that I could mix and match–black, gray and purple.

1 set of pjs
9 underwear
1 bra
1 first layer top
1 first layer bottom

Outer Layers

1 thick turtleneck sweater
1 fleece jacket
1 fleece vest

Women's Tops

5 Tops

Women's Leggings

1 pair velour leggings
1 pair fleece-lined leggings
1 pair corduroy leggings

Skirt and Fleece-Lined Tightss

1 skirt
1 fleece-lined tights

This was my just-in-case or luxury item, if you will!  I did not wear the skirt in Iceland.  I did wear the tights under leggings.  We went to New York on the return.  I did wear the skirt there.

Snow Boots and Wool Socks

1 pair Columbia snow boots (loved these!  I could just slip them on and off.  So helpful traveling through airports.)  Order here.
4 pair wool socks

Women's Magellan Rain Pants

1 pair Women’s Magellan rain pants (I wore these to the waterfalls and on sleeting or snowy days!  Just layer over pants or leggings.)

Blanket Scarf and Neck Gaiter

1 blanket scarf (doubled as a blanket on the plane)
1 wool neck gaiter  (best piece of clothing I brought!  I was able to pull this over my mouth and nose in the frigid temperatures)

Hats and Gloves

2 hats
1 pair snow gloves ( I did not wear these.)
1 pair finger-less gloves (I wore these all the time so I could use my camera or iPhone.)
1 pair leather gloves

Swimsuit and Sandals

1 swimsuit  (Yes!…a swimsuit for Iceland!  We went to the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal heated spa.)
1 pair of sandals

Women's Down Puffy Coat

1 women’s down puffy coat


My husband’s packing list:


Men's First Layers and Underwear

1 first layer top
1 first layer bottom (Juan wore one time!)
9 pair of underwear

Men's Shirts

2 long-sleeve henleys
3 long-sleeve button down shirts (one not shown)

Men's Pants

1 pair of jeans
1 pair of corduroys

Sleep Shorts and T-shirts

1 pair of sleep shorts
2 t-shirts

Snow Boots and Wool Socks

1 pair snow boots
4 pair wool socks

Men's Fleece Top

1 men’s fleece top

Men's Hat and Neck Gaiter

1 men’s hat
1 men’s wool neck gaiter

Men's Scarf and Gloves

1 men’s scarf
1 men’s fleece gloves

Men's Rain Pants

1 pair men’s rain pants

Men's Swimsuit and Flip Flops

1 men’s swimsuit
1 pair of flip flops

Men's Fleece Jacket

1 men’s fleece jacket

Men's Waterproof Fleece-Lined Jacket

1 fleece-lined waterproof jacket

A few extras were packed:

Hot Hands-Feet, Extension Cord, Travel Curling Iron and Laundry Bag

1 pack hand warmers (did not use)
1 pack toe warmers (did not use)
1 travel flat iron
1 extension cord (for cpap machine if needed)
1 laundry bag

Cpap Machine

1 cpap machine


1 backpack (for our excursions)

Carry Cases for The Blue Lagoon and Waterproof iPhone Case

1 waterproof iPhone case
2 carry cases for The Blue Lagoon–packed with swimsuit, sandals, waterproof iPhone case, toiletries and coverups for when we stopped at The Blue Lagoon on our way to our hotel.

That is everything I packed into our suitcase.  Remember our weight limit was 44 pounds.  All of this weighed 38 pounds.  It was nice to have a little wiggle room!

Another packing tip:  Use 2 gallon ziplock bags to pack.  Once filled, I sat on them to get the air out.  It allowed me to pack more tightly.

That is What This Florida Girl Packed for Iceland in Winter!

I will have a series of posts relating to our Iceland trip.  Stay tuned for new posts.

Have you been to Iceland?  What did you pack for your trip?

I would love to hear about your trip.

Email me or comment below!


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