Double Mastectomy Post Op

Double Mastectomy Post-Op

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and chose to have a double mastectomy.  You can read my story here. Other posts share how I met my surgeon and my radiation oncologist.  I had an MRI and shared the results here.  I was sent for a second biopsy.

Ready for Surgery--Double Mastectomy

Ready for Surgery–Double Mastectomy

April 20, 2015  Coming out of anesthesia was strange.  It was like hearing noises and commotion.  I was part of it, but couldn’t connect.  The feeling was coming through a long tunnel–and then I was awake!  It was 6 PM, early evening, when I was wheeled to my private room.  I don’t remember much from recovery.

Oh, to see the faces of the ones that I love!!  My Mom and sister were there–and my husband, Juan.  To be reunited after surgery was the best medicine!  Juan went home to change and get things to stay the night.  Mom and my sister, Teresa, became the best nurses.  They met my needs without even asking!  ….Ice chips, rubbing my tense neck and upper chest, massaging my feet, massaging my forehead through bouts of pain, wet wash cloths……and drying my tears upon finding out My Nodes Were Clear…No Cancer!

It was a long night, but in the morning, after using the bed pan one too many times, I asked to get up!  It wasn’t too hard.

I was able to eat breakfast and lunch.

Hospital Stay-Double Mastectomy

Hospital Stay-Double Mastectomy

Here I am Day 1 Post Op.  I gave half a smile.

I stood awhile to air out my poor, wrinkled backside–my sister even rubbed lotion there!  That is love 🙂

We started asking about discharge at 3:30 PM.  I was discharged at 5 PM.

The ride home was not bad.

Chest Buddy Seatbelt Pillow

Chest Buddy Seat belt Pillow


Chest Buddy Seat Belt Pillow

Chest Buddy Seat Belt Pillow

Thanks to the Chest Buddy Seat belt Pillow and the two pillows I was given for under my arms I was as comfortable as I could be.  I had brought two tiny pillows from home that I used behind my head and for extra support in the hospital.

I came home with two Jackson Pratt or JP drains.  Luckily, I had ordered the Poucharoo to button around my waist to help hold the drains.

Poucharoo for JP Drains

Poucharoo for JP Drains

Once home, I changed and got more comfortable.  Our daughter, Kristen,  had set up a meal plan through Our first meal was delivered.  I was hungry! It was wonderful to not have to worry about meal prep for awhile.

I was ready for sleep in my own bed.  Thankfully, we had ordered a wedge for me to sleep on.  Similar here.  I stuffed pillows all around and under my arms.  I slept like a baby.  I did get up a couple of times to use the bathroom with no problems.  Visit me again to read about my recovery.

Please feel free to email or leave a comment.  You must have a million questions–as I did!  I would be happy to answer them all–if I can.  You can do this!!

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