Depotting Eyeshadow

Depotting Eyeshadow

I have been trying to find the time to depot my single shadows.  I was off on a bunny trail on Pinterest to help me learn how to do this.  I discovered a few fun ideas.  I gave it my own spin.  Here is how I Depotted my Eyeshadows.

Supplies You Will Need:

Flat Iron
Aluminum Foil
Goo Gone
Letter Opener
Fine Point Pen

Supplies to Depot Eyeshadow

1.)  Using the letter opener pop out the inner plastic tray that contains the eyeshadow pot.

2.) Wrap the flat iron heating element with aluminum foil (so the plastic doesn’t ruin it!)  Heat up the flat iron.  I placed mine on 400 degrees.

Flat Iron to Depot Eyeshadow

Melting the Plastic Using a Flat Iron

3.) Carefully pick up the plastic.  It will be HOT!!  Using the letter opener, push on the plastic to pop the metal pan out.

Removing Metal Eyeshadow Pan

Removing Metal Eyeshadow Pan

4.) Once depotted, clean glue with Goo Gone.

Removing Glue from Depotted Eyeshadow

Removing Glue from Depotted Eyeshadow

5.) Add the magnet and a label with the eyeshadow color.

Labeling Depotted Eyeshadow

Magnet and Label for Depotted Eyeshadow

That is it!  I added the pans to a Z Palette dupe that I bought from JoAnn Fabrics.  It is called Artbin Slim Line Magnetic Needle Case Raspberry.  $5.99 is a reasonable price, but I used a 40% off Coupon from my store app and paid only $3.59!!  It is magnetic, so it is ideal for the eyeshadow pans.  It holds 20 in all.

Depotted Eyeshadows

Depotted Eyeshadows in Artbin Slim Line Magnetic Needle Case Raspberry–My Z Palette Dupe

Thanks for reading!

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