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I was very excited to visit the Bite Beauty Lip Lab while in New York. I had to make an appointment online. I received an email confirmation and several text messages reminding me of my appointment.


My Lip Lab artist was Bridget.  Once seated in front of her, she had me remove the lipstick I was wearing.  She gave me an exfoliate to scrub the dry skin from my lips.  This was a very mild, very nice product–not too many harsh crystals as a sugar scrub might have.  Next I applied a moisturizer to my lips.  I knew I wanted Matte finish (Matte yet moist.)  There are four finishes to choose from: Creme (Buttery and smooth), Matte (Matte yet moist), Sheer (Glossy, Shear and Hydrating) and Deluxe (Luxuriously silk, pearl and champagne.)


I really didn’t have an idea of the color I was going for until we started.  We started with a nude with a pink tone.


The colors are in little pots all in lines before you. Bridget used a spatula-type tool to lift the product onto a glossy paper.  She used a Sharpie to record the colors and the amount she used.


The first color was like any you could “buy” in the store. We worked toward more of a berry shade. I was surprised to see that even black was added. Each time we thought we had it, I would try it on.  The pigment is so rich that it is was darker on my lips.


The next step was choosing my scent or flavor.  You can choose just one or combine a couple of them.  The choices are: cherry, mint, vanilla, citrus, mango, citrus mango, violet and wild berry. I am a vanilla girl!


You get to choose the shape of the tube.  I thought this was so clever! There are four shapes according to how you wear the product down after multiple applications. I chose the second in the picture.


Here is my final shade.  The results are recorded and kept on file so that you can reorder.  I was also given a card with the final results for my records.



The product is placed in the molds and put into a centrifuge–yes, it is science!


I was very happy with the final product.  It is matte, yet creamy as described, highly pigmented…and the vanilla!  Tastes so good.  Smells so good! It is $45 for one or $60 for two.  I bought two of my color.


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