Areola Tattoos after Breast Reconstruction

Areola Tattoos after Breast Reconstruction

I have come to the end of my breast cancer journey — medically speaking!

March 3, 2016–two days from my one year diagnosis!! I woke up excited and just a little bit nervous. I went for a walk to release some of the energy. My appointment was at 10 AM. As he did throughout this whole journey, my husband came with me. We checked in at the front desk. Insurance covered all but our co-pay!  

We were called back. It was great to see the staff again. They became like family from so many visits over the year!

I was asked to change into the pink, paper top. This time was with excitement and not the dread I had felt before. Renee, The tattoo artist came in. She had me stand against the wall to take “before” photos. She used a pink Sharpie to draw on my areoles. I then got on the table and laid back. I was freezing, so she gave me a paper drape to cover up.

We got a good laugh because the first song on her playlist was “I Feel Like a Natural Woman!” Perfect! In discussion I found out that Renee started as an art restorer. I realized how she has an “eye for color.”  She studied the color of my skin while choosing color to apply. She applied a test color to my skin for approval. My husband and I both agreed. She began her magic!  

Nipple and Areola Tattoos

Each breast took about 25 minutes. Renee asked if my drains filled quickly after surgery. She is relating this to how much I was bleeding for the tattoos. My answer was ,”Yes!”  When she was finished, she let me rest there as the tattoos drained a bit. She took “after” photos.

Before I even had a chance to see the finished work, a knock came on the door. One of the staff asked if another patient could see. She had healed from her implant surgery and this was her next step. I was standing in the mirror crying when she came in.  I looked whole and complete again. I was thrilled to be able to share with her. 

Areola and Nipple Tattoos

Renee gave me this cute little after care kit and went over how to care for my new tattoos.

Areola and Nipple Tattoos

Of course husbands love the part about being uncovered before bed and before dressing for the day!

Areola and Nipple Tattoos

Renee and I after the procedure.


You can visit Renee’s website at  She also does 3D nipple tattooing for those who choose not to or unable to have nipple reconstruction.  I hope you will visit her site. She is truly gifted!  

Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email with any questions. 



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