April Favorites

April Favorites

Yes, another month has quickly gone by!  It is time for my April favorites.  Some are new. Some are old time favorites.  This is one of my favorite posts to blog because I get to think about the month and gather the things that I have picked up over and over again during that month.  Plus, it is a way to actually enjoy different things.  Posting about the product makes me stop to think what it was that made it a favorite for that month…..and I get to share them with YOU!

Aquaphor Healing Ointment – I picked this up at Target for $6.99 (minus 5% using my RedCard).  This product covers a multitude of sins if you will 🙂  I bought it because I read on Pinterest that it helps with under eye puffiness!  I apply it at night and have noticed a difference!  I use it on my lips.  I use it on my dry feet.  I use it on my thighs when I wear shorts to go for a walk–c’mon, I know you know what I am talking about.  I AM walking for a reason.  It keeps your thighs from chaffing when they rub together.  It must be a great product because it comes with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval!

Softlips Cube – This came from Target as well.  My favorite is the Fresh Mint.  It has an SPF of 15.  It has 5-in-1 lip care:  hydrates, replenishes, smoothes, protects and adds shine.  It was only $3.49 (minus 5% using my RedCard!)

At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks – I haven’t had much time to read because I am remodeling our house; but, I picked up this little gem.  You can’t go wrong with Nicholas Sparks–The Notebook, Nights at Rodanthe, A Walk to Remember….You know the ones!  I wanted an easy read.  Not too heavy.  I’ve had this on my shelf for years, but had never read it.  This surprised me.  I love the small-town feel of the story.  Nicholas Sparks knows how to weave a love story with twists and turns.  This one was no different.

iPhone 6s with a Mint Green Caseology Case – Yep, got this one at Target too!  Can you tell what my favorite store is?!  I should add that to my list of favorites–all time favorites!  I also switched back to Apple after trying an Android Galaxy S5 for awhile.  I am very happy I made the switch.  I have an iPad and now everything syncs.  I chose the rose gold.  If you saw my Instagram this week, my brand new phone decided to take a dip in my coffee cup.  It worked fine all day.  That evening, however, I couldn’t get sound out of my speakers, make or receive calls.  When I turned up the volume, it acted as if headphones were in.  I Googled it.  All the forums said that this is common for phones that have been in contact with water….or in my case COFFEE!  So…..I let it sleep in a bag of rice overnight.  I am very happy to report that it works and is as good as new.

Nature Love Aromatherapy for Tension – I found this at Marshall’s.  I use diffused oils in a diffuser, so I wanted to try one to use on pulse points.  This one is a mild aroma.  It contains soybean, wintergreen, basil, rosemary and chamomile.  It is all natural, so you can apply it right to the skin.  Think soothing, minty, relaxing.  I paid about $10.

I hope you will try some of my favorites.  If you do, I would love to hear about it.  Comment below.

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