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About Doreen


North Carolina Stream 2016

North Carolina Stream 2016

Hello Fellow Travelers! I would like to welcome you to my blog. My name is Doreen. I am a Christian. I am excited to share a little bit of my life with you. I am 53 years old. I live in Florida with my husband of 30 years and our five cats. Yes….that is five. We have two children. Our son, Andrew,  is recently married and our daughter, Kristen, is married and lives in Texas. We have two grandchildren.

Andrew and Helen's Wedding 2016

Andrew and Helen’s Wedding 2016


Matt and Kristen's Wedding 2014

Matt and Kristen’s Wedding 2014


Matt with Our Grandchildren, Grant and Charlie

Matt with Our Grandchildren, Grant and Charlie

When I was developing my blog I gave the name a lot of thought. It comes from Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken. How many times do you come to a fork in the road, choose your path only to wonder what it would be like to have taken the other road? Well, I have wondered that as well. I will be referring to my readers as travelers because we all are travelling this life together. I believe we each have a story to tell and that we need each other to navigate this journey called life. Maybe my blog will answer some of the questions you had by not taking that road.

This is a lifestyle blog. I will be sharing things that I experience and love in my daily living. Yes, I love cats. You will meet our furry babies off and on. I have a passion for makeup…some would call it an addiction. My family loves to travel–and we do it quite often. I can’t wait to share those experiences with you. I was diagnosed with breast cancer early 2015. This blog will discuss my experience with my treatment and recovery. We are going through a remodel of our 1980s home. I will blog some of that crazy, nerve-wracking journey.

Some other things you might like to know about me are:

I love yoga.

Reading is a passion.

I have kept a journal for years.

I am a morning person.

I have a degree in finance.

We homeschooled both of our children.