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My Double Mastectomy Surgery

My Double Mastectomy Surgery

I was taken to nuclear medicine where my breasts were cleaned and prepped for the radiologist. Dr. Fallucco, my plastic surgeon, came in to do his markings for the incisions. I looked like a road map! These markings were a little different than we originally decided on. He was now taking in to account my stretch marks--they would be removed as much as possible! He asked if this was okay. I told him that I trusted his expertise. The radiologist arrived and gave me two injections of dye in each breast. Gauze was placed over my breasts and massaged so the dye would spread.

Second Breast Sonogram and Biopsy

I was checked into the hospital. I was called back where I changed from my top into a gown. I met, Charlie, the tech who did a diagnostic mammogram of my right breast. She sat and talked with me. She looked me in the eye and listened and shared. She asked me if I was religious. I said that I am. She gave me a prayer blanket the San Juan del Rio Prayer Blanket Ministry had made. There was a rosary and a prayer card in a pocket. I was humbled and brought

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